Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lobster Network


Lobster Network is a new site that helps to to “share your stuff safely and securely.” Use of Lobster Network is totally free. To use Lobster Network, you first enter your “stuff” into the database. You have the option to stop right there and use the site  simply as a way to keep track of your belongings. You can create a household inventory, catalog your books, and so on.

Or…you can make your “stuff” visible and available to your friends, a private community, or everyone.


This feature enables you to sell your things or to lend them to friends. In turn you are able to see the things your friends may have for sale or loan. The system is set up to remind the user of due dates for returning borrowed items.


You may also enter “wanted” items into your inventory. Then someone who has that item to lend or sell can contact you.

This is a pretty cool idea. The TOS Crew has set up a private community and is testing out the features. I can see that this could be a very useful system within a local homeschool group  for borrowing, buying, or selling curriculum.

Once again, Lobster Network is free to use, so go check it out!

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