Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Lots of changes in our home in the past months! Emily graduated in May. Our cover school had a lovely ceremony planned by the students and held at "Burritt on the Mountain," a historical home and park with views overlooking the city. She spent much of her summer doing an FBI internship. She was thrilled to have this opportunity, since she's hoping to have a career in the FBI eventually.

In August, she moved off to the University of North Alabama. She's loving college life, making many new friends, and doing well with her classes so far. She started with plans to major in psychology, but will probably change her major to criminal justice. Since she's only an hour from home, she has been back about every other weekend.

I'm finding myself tutoring every morning for three different homeschooling families, so I haven't left the teaching/homeschooling life behind yet!