Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Molly’s Digest-May (Review)

image The feature in this month’s Molly’s Digest that interested me most were the articles about economical weddings and graduations. The articles contain numerous tips, links, recipes, and even a personal frugal wedding story. One of my daughters is graduating from high school this month and, although we are not planning anything big, we’ll have a family party and I was eager to find some clever ideas for decorating and refreshments. We don’t have any weddings in the near future, but my oldest daughter,  Allison, has several friends getting married and will be in two weddings this summer, so it probably won’t be too many years before one or more of my own children are planning a wedding. And let me tell you—I am shocked and concerned when I hear how much weddings cost these days. I need to start gathering tasteful, elegant, and thrifty celebration ideas now! Just today, Allison mentioned that she was going to make some invitations for a bridal shower and I was able to point her to some lovely homemade invitations that were linked to from this month’s digest.

The Kid’s Corner is another monthly feature that I continue to print out for Emily. This month’s theme is “Manners, Money, and More.” It includes three pages of manners instruction and a goal chart to motivate the child to develop some of her own goals in the area of manners. I think Emily will enjoy this and its always nice when the rules come from someone else!

Molly’s Digest is available at the Schoolhouse Store for $4.95 BUT a Molly’s Membership is only $3.95 a month and includes bonus e-books and resources each month.  This month’s goodies include:

  • Tons of freezer cooking goodies
  • Wedding freebies (along with tips, ideas, and frugal gifts)
  • Inexpensive Organization E-book (creative organization ideas)
  • A Baby Shower for Jesus E-book (encouragement for Moms)
  • Mother's and Father's Day ideas
  • Ideas for hospitality and parties
  • A Free Kids' Cookbook
  • And more!

Don’t forget to check out the Econobusters blog, which is loaded with frugal tips, decorating ideas, and freebies!

I received a free issue of Molly’s Digest in order to write this review.

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