Monday, May 17, 2010

Review Favorites for the Year

If I’m counting right, I’ve reviewed 53 products this year with the TOS Crew! Most have been homeschooling curricula or books for kids, but a few have been family or even “fun for mom” items. I’ve been looking through each of these reviews and have picked out my very favorites. In no particular order…..

All About Spelling: We loved this innovative approach to spelling and phonics. We progressed very quickly through levels 1 and 2.  I plan to buy 3 and 4 for next year. We are on a very tight budget for schooling next year and since Emily is the fourth child, we have a lot of available curricula here at the house already. This may be the only school purchase I make next year.

imageVirginia Soaps and Scents: This wasn’t even a homeschooling item, but such a treat to review. I made a large order from the company last fall to try out more of their wonderful products. image

Artistic Pursuits: This is my favorite art curriculum and I’ve tried several different ones. It is easy to use and is a great balance of art appreciation and creating art.


 Sue Patrick’s Workbox System: We love using workboxes in our homeschool! The system keeps Emily more on track and forces me to be more organized each day. It also allows us to add more fun activities—games and projects—to our day.


 Graphics Toolbox: This is an amazing graphics programs that I use frequently.


Nutrition 101: This is a very comprehension hands-on nutrition, health, and science book. It was a bit too advanced for Emily, but we’ll be coming back to it next year.


Journey Through Learning: Emily has found a love for lapbooks this year. I am very pleased with the quality of the ones we have tried.


Educaching: We haven’t done as much as this as I would have liked, in part because my GPS receiver is barely adequate for the task, but this was innovative and fun!


A few others I really liked were Math Mammoth, Mathletics, and Christian Kids Explore Biology. Emily loves Wigglington and Wenks too.

We have been blessed and are grateful to these companies for allowing us to try out and blog about their products!


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