Friday, May 7, 2010

Today’s Cat-astrophe!

I am asking myself if I’ll ever have a day that flows smoothly! Today started out so well. Emily was doing her schoolwork with a great attitude. The windows and doors were open, letting in the cool morning air, the fragrance of flowers and the songs of the birds. We were well on track to a smooth, pleasant day. Or maybe not…

“Mom! Anubis has a chipmunk in the house!”  The cat had caught a chipmunk, carried it right on into the dining room through the open doors, leaving a dripping trail of blood through the house. So, I captured the cat and threw him back outside, wrapped up the poor wounded chipmunk and put him back outside (although I doubt if he will make it.) Meanwhile Emily was screaming the whole time…that she hated the cat, that I had to fix the poor chipmunk, and so on. Then I had to mop the three rooms involved—not on the schedule for middle of school-time.

Did I mention that this isn’t even my cat?  And that I don’t really like cats? My son, John Michael, has moved back home for 4 months, bringing this cat with him.


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  1. Cats are so funny. They always want to "show off" their catch :-) I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!


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