Monday, May 17, 2010

Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-a-Clean Power Sprayer

Last week, I was sent a free Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-a-Clean Power Sprayer to try out. This product claims to cut through soap scum and grim AND keep cleaning for up to four days. The one chore that I hate to do and don’t keep up with very well is scrubbing the bathtubs. My tub doesn’t look bad, but the kids’ tub….yuck! It’s hard to keep up with the soap scum and tub rings. So I was eager to try this out to see if it would be an improvement over my current product. This was my experience:

1. Emily was excited to receive this in the mail and wanted to clean the bathrooms immediately—A big plus!

2. The power sprayer is cool. Just pull the trigger and the product sprays continually. Quick and even kind of fun! This would be great for people with arthritis. It could be disastrous in the hands of unsupervised kids!

3. It seemed to clean well and left a wonderful orange scent. The instructions were to spray, to wipe with a sponge, then to rinse. The Extend-a-Clean product is supposed to leave a light film that will prevent soap scum and grim from sticking to the sink or shower. It had been 5 days since this sink had been cleaned. Because it is taupe colored, it shows soap scum or toothpaste well. I cleaned it with the Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-a-Clean  Power Sprayer, waited 5 days, and compared the condition of the sink. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but I do think that it stayed cleaner looking longer. The cleaning chore was also very easy. Maybe I’ll do it more often!




4. After cleaning  two bathrooms and tubs, the sprayer bottle seemed to be about 1/4 empty, so it does seem as if it won’t last long, making it more expensive to use.

The suggested retail price is $8.99 for the starter kit and $3.99 for refills. Visit for more information.

I received the Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer and 2 refill bottles free from to try out and tell others about my experience.

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