Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Secret to Being a SuperMom!


Just kidding! I have no idea how to be Super Mom!

This week’s TOS CREW Blog Cruise topic is: “How do you find time for everything?”  I would love to have a great answer for this question! Adding an extra 4 hours to my day might be a good starting point. :)  Sometimes I feel like I am barely keeping up, putting out fires all day long, then I look back to say, “Where did the day go?”

Overall though, I guess I do keep up pretty well.


…homeschool Emily.

…keep up the house and yard and parenting stuff without a husband to help.

…help choose and lead music every week at church.

…direct children’s choir at church.

…attend a weekly Bible study and do the daily homework for it.

…write and market my Super Star Speech books and Super Star homeschool games.

…review and blog about 8-10 books and homeschool curricula a month.

It actually makes me feel better to look at this list and see that I actually am accomplishing quite a bit! A few things that help keep me on track….

….starting my day in Bible study and prayer helps to keep my focus on what is important.

….making lists—Actually, I tend to just do this in my head, to keep me on track for the day or week. But when I am feeling overwhelmed, I do actually write out a list. This gives me a feeling of accomplishment as I mark things off.

….staying off the computer—Well, I need to do this more. :) I know the internet can be a big time waster for me!

….making priorities. I can’t do everything. Sometimes I have to make the tough choice to drop what is urgent for what is most important. My kids won’t be here forever. Spending precious time with them and enjoying them each day is more valuable than most of the other “stuff.” Truthfully, I slip up here far too often.

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  1. Listing 'ta das' helps me see what I DO get done, too. Otherwise, I get discouraged over what I don't get done.


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