Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Schoolhouse Expo


I’m all signed up for the Schoolhouse Expo. The official dates are may 12-14, but the bonus pre-registration sessions begin on April 13. I’ve already downloaded the free goodies and they are amazing! Just a few of the free downloads included in this conference are:

Download and Go Study—Amelia Earhart  (Amanda Bennett)

Magnificent Marine Life e-book/lapbook

Penguins Project Pack e-book/lapbook

Dan’s Doodles

Home Business for Teens Guide

Colonial America Study

Creative Nature Study

Many of these resources are valued at $10 to $15 each!

I’m excited about hearing the speakers at this conference, including Susan Wise Bauer, Amanda Bennett, Todd Wilson, and Diana Waring. If I’m busy when they are speaking, I even can download the MP3 files to listen to later. I’ll probably do most of the sessions this way—I can get to that spring yardwork and go to my homeschool convention via ipod at the same time.

Don’t forget to sign up!!!

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