Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Molly, Less Money!


I’ve been blogging for a couple of months about the monthly Molly’s Digest e-magazines that are fully of thrifty advice for cooking, shopping, decorating, gardening, and more.

Now Molly has something new! And it’s a bargain! Does that surprise you? The Molly Digests each sell for $4.95. The Molly Membership program costs  only $3.95 a month and includes:

-Molly’s Monthly Money-Saving Digest

-Access to Molly’s Member Memo’s filled with money-saving links and resources

-Supplemental resources, tutorials and articles to correspond with each Digest’s theme

-Members only contests and giveaways

There is no long term commitment, enabling the purchaser to subscribe for as long or as short a period as desired.


I spent some time browsing the member’s site—these are a few of the goodies I found:

-a 50 page sample of the new Molly’s  $7 Slow Cooker Recipe book and a $2 discount code off the usual purchase price

-discounted prices for past Molly’s Digests sets

-links for lots of coupon, recipe and money saving websites (I was familiar with most of these. Many are ones that would turn up on a search for coupons, etc. Nothing really exciting here, but you might find something new.)

-a free wee book

-links to various free cookbooks, kids activities, and gardening ideas

--and of course, the 47 page March Molly’s Money Saving Digest


This month’s issue focuses on spring and includes gardening ideas and fun outdoor activities to do with your kids as well as the usual calendar and organizer pages, recipes, and organization tips.

If you love Molly’s Digest or even if you’ve just been thinking of buying an issue, this is a great time to check it out!

I received a one month subscription to the Molly Membership program. No other compensation was received for the writing of this review.

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