Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Home School in the Woods Map Sets

Home School in the Woods provided the TOS Crew with downloads of their brand new Olde World Style United States and World Map sets to review. I had seen examples of the beautiful timeline figures produced by Home School in the Woods, so I was eager to try out this new product.

The Old World Style Modern and Historical Maps: United States Maps includes over 180 maps. Maps of each state are included in both labeled and unlabeled versions. There are also over a dozen US History maps, covering such topics as US expansion and Native tribes. In addition to the maps, there are fact sheets for each state to fill out and full color state flags to print. The design and artwork on these maps is very well done. The set would be perfect for a state-by-state study and notebook.We’re studying American history this year, so I immediately printed out “The growth of the US to 1880” map to use this week. The US history maps are very well done, but I would have liked to see even more maps in the set.

image  I was especially excited to see everything that the World Map set includes. We will be studying world cultures next year and there is sooo much here that we can use! The set includes over 130 historical and modern maps and 40 notebooking pages. Again, the quality is beautiful. Most pages are in black and white, but there is a beautiful set of color flag pages.

image Isn’t this brochure page a fun way to document your child’s learning?

image I recommend the Homeschool in the Woods Map Sets as a great supplement to any curriculum.

The download for each set is priced at $18.95. The CD versions are priced at $19.95. A Combo-Pak is also available at $28.95 for the download and $29.95 for the CD. Visit the TOS Crew site for more reviews!

I received both the US and World Map sets free from Homeschool in the Woods in exchange for my honest review.

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