Monday, March 15, 2010

Seasons of Faith Picture Book Series

I just received a set of four Seasons of Faith picture books published by Children’s Bible Hour Ministries. These beautifully illustrated storybooks gently teach faith lessons about salvation, forgiveness, sharing God’s love,  and holding on to faith in hard times. The stories are adapted from CBH radio scripts and are accompanied by read-along CD’s.

The illustrations in the books are wonderfully realistic watercolor paintings and show children of varied races.  The storylines were engaging. Emily (9) enjoyed them very much and I think they would also be enjoyed by a child as young as three or four.


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I especially enjoyed the book, Seventy Time Seven, which illustrated in a modern story Jesus’ lessons about accepting and giving forgiveness—over and over again--a good reminder for Christians of ALL ages who have a tendency to hold onto grudges!

Each Season of Faith book and cd sells for $10.  When you buy all four books ($40) by April 15, use discount code FREESHIPAPR15 for free shipping on your order.

 I received these four books free for review purposes from Children’s Bible Hour Ministries. No other compensation was provided.

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  1. Hi Debbie--Thanks for the great review! I just wanted to clarify that each book and CD sells separately for $10--thus, the entire set is $40. Could you please revise the phrase above? "Each Season of Faith book and cd set sells for $10."

    Kristen Tuinstra
    CBH Ministries


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