Friday, August 15, 2014

The Case for Faith, Student Edition (Review)

The Case for Faith, Student Edition, by Lee Strobel and Jane Vogel, is a short volume that explores some of “the toughest objections to Christianity” in a format that is very accessible to teens.

Lee Strobel is a former atheist and reporter who actually set out himself to research the truth of Christianity. He has written several books for adults about faith, Christ, and creation. This particular book is a simplified version of The Case for Faith, written especially for young people.

  1. Each chapter focuses on one of the common objections to faith:

1. Since evil and suffering exist, a good God cannot.

2. Miracle contradict science; therefore they cannot be real.

3. Evolution explains life, so God isn’t needed.

4. It’s intolerant to claim Jesus is the only way to God.

5. A loving God would never send people to Hell.

6. I still have doubts, so I can’t be a Christian.

Much of the content is present through as interviews, in which Strobel travels around to talk to theologians, philosophers, and scientists, asking questions as if were a seeker (as he once was). This isn’t a book of his own opinions, but a compilation of the opinions of experts in their field, which lends it a great deal of credibility.

I think this is a great little book for any young person—Christian or not, who is thinking about the “big  questions” of life. In fact, my 14 year old leafed through the book and exclaimed that “These are all the questions I have been wondering about!” She promptly disappeared with the book!

Emily says:

The Case For Faith is a book that answered a lot of questions I had about God. This book really made me want to share it with people I know are not Christians. All the questions that had me stuck on a certain level have finally been answered. I feel a lot more confident in my faith.

I would recommend this book for middle schoolers or for high school students who aren’t avid readers—ones that are questioning the Christian faith or ones that are looking some answers to faith questions to share with others. Older teens may prefer the regular version of The Case for Faith, which is much meatier.

As a member of BookLook Bloggers, I received this book free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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