Thursday, August 14, 2014

P is for Posters


Over the years, we’ve collected a large variety of maps educational posters. Many came with subscriptions to Scholastic News, God’s World Magazines, and Scholastic Super Science magazines. Others came from school supply stores. We have a nice set of posters that teach about trees and plant life that were free from the International Paper Co. We don’t really have a lot of wall space in our study/school room to hang posters—2 windows, 2 doors, and lots of bookcases pretty much take up the wall space, so for many years we hung posters in the bathroom.

I may have been inspired to do this when we first read Cheaper by the Dozen; I think the dad in the story, an efficiency expert, did this to keep his twelve children learning all the time without wasting time. I always figured that I had a captive audience in the bathroom and maybe the kids would pick up a concept or two while they were in there! It has actually been quite a conversation topic with guests to our house as well, who would also take note of the latest poster when they were visiting!

I’m a fan of sneaking learning into all parts of our day. How do you do this in your home?

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