Wednesday, August 27, 2014

R is for Resources for Apologia Biology


Exploring Creation with Biology 2nd Ed. 2-Book SetAs I was preparing to teach Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Biology this year,  I started with a web search. I was hoping to find some co-op ideas for the class I’m  teaching, and was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few great resources shared by those who have taught the class before. Some of my favorites are:

Quizlet Flash cards, games and tests for vocabulary—Biology is packed with vocabulary to memorize. As I was initially looking through the book, the amount of vocabulary seemed overwhelming even to me. I was glad to find some fun ways for the students to practice.

E-Learning Links has links to printable vocabulary cards, a crossword puzzle for each module, and a hangman vocabulary game.

Lab forms at I printed out a variety of these and passed them out to the students to put in their lab notebooks.

These blogs all chronicle the usage of Apologia Biology and include activity ideas, photographs, and videos.

Applie’s Place

Mindful Ramblings

Sahm I Am

Many of the photos and videos would be wonderful for those who don’t have access to a microscope. We do have the use of a good microscope, but I’m not sure what we will really find, so I’m glad to have the photos to give the kids an idea of what they should be looking for, and just in case we don’t find what we are looking for!

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