Monday, August 4, 2014

The Case For A Creator, Student Edition (Review)


The Case for a Creator, Student Edition, by Lee Strobel and Jane Vogel, is a 100 page paperback that explores the claims of spontaneous creation and evolution from a scientific viewpoint.

Strobel explains his background as a former atheist who had, for many years, believed without questioning the popular belief that life evolved spontaneously from “primordial soup” and gradually evolved into the millions of complex life forms that we see on earth through mutations and natural selection as hypothesized by Darwin.  He then tells the reader about how, as he learned more about the subject, he grew to realize how little evidence there actually was for this belief and, conversely, how much evidence there is that life must be intelligently designed.

He quotes many scientists who are experts in cosmology, biology, and physics, and describes the immense complexity of even the simplest cell and and the seemingly impossible odds that even the simplest components of life could have begun without having been intentionally designed.

It was interesting to read about the many ideas that are accepted by mainstream society, yet are doubted by many esteemed scientists or that were even disproven or exposed as hoaxes decades ago, yet are still included in current publications. That left me thinking about how little the average person really knows about the subject, since we are certainly given the impression that the issue has long since been settled by “science.” It also makes me wonder why textbook publishers are using questionable evidence to support their points.

The Case for a Creator does not promote a “young earth” philosophy, or even speak much of any Biblical teachings. Instead, it focuses on the scientific evidence and introduces the reader to the immense body of evidence that demonstrates that our earth and life were intelligently designed. As such, I think the book is more accessible to those that may not be Christian, but who are willing to look at the scientific evidence to consider the possibility of a Creator. It left me wanting to research more about the subject!

As a member of BookLook Bloggers, I received this book free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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