Monday, August 18, 2014

Our Curriculum Plan: 9th Grade!


We are embarking on a new voyage into high school this year. These are the curricula that we plan to use for ninth grade.

Geometry: Singapore New Elementary Math—Emily completed Algebra last year using No Nonsense Algebra, so we’ll be pulling the geometry chapters out of NEM 1 and 2 and doing a bit of algebra review from NEM 2 mixed in. I hope to complete part of NEM 3 as well.

Biology: Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology—We’re going through this with a group of 4 other students. I’ll be leading discussions, activities, and labs on Friday afternoons and the students will do the bookwork at home each week.

Grammar: We’ll be reviewing IEW’s new grammar program FixIt! Grammar: Frog Prince very soon. Hopefully this will be something that we’ll want to continue with for the year.

Literature: Lightning Literature and Composition: Early British Literature, literature units from, Grammar of Poetry, and The Art of Poetry

History: History Revealed: World Empires, World Missions, and World Wars, by Diana Waring; I am so excited about this. We’ve been using the first edition of this series for several years and really enjoying it. (It’s old enough that we have the cassette tapes instead of cd’s!) However, by the middle of last year, I really wasn’t feeling like we were getting a good grasp of the flow of history because the original program had no core text and the other history materials I had just didn’t line up with the topics and activities in each chapter as they had for the earlier periods of history. So, I just bought the new edition last week and LOVE it already. The text books are fascinating and the discussion questions,  resources and activity suggestions are even better than before.

Computer Applications (first semester): Total Training videos (from a Groupon deal) and practice for Microsoft Office, and typing practice.

Bible/ Apologetics: Apologia’s What on Earth Can I Do?, Case for a Creator: Student Edition; Case for Faith: Student Edition, Beauty in the Heart Bible Study, Veritas Press’s Omnibus 1 (2nd semester)

Spanish: Mango Languages, Flip Flop Spanish, Spanish for Children ( Classical Curriculum Press) This may change because there’s a possibility of another foreign language product review coming up soon.

Art: Artistic Pursuits—second semester.

Extras: PE (No firm plan yet, possibly walking, riding bikes, Family Fitness, and tennis or ice skating lessons)

Piano practice—I’m determined that Emily achieve basic competence at the piano, but I don’t think she puts enough effort into it to receive a credit. 

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