Friday, August 10, 2012

Vocab Videos (Schoolhouse Review)


Are you studying vocabulary for the SAT’s? Or do you just want  to improve your vocabulary? I think I’ve just discovered the most fun way to do this.Photobucket

Vocab Videos are short vignettes that illustrate each of the target vocabulary words. The program teaches 500 key SAT vocabulary words in memorable (and funny!) videos.  Each word appears on the screen with its definition, is acted out in a 30 second skit, then appears again on the screen. Each 10 minute video teaches 20 new words.image

Emily enjoyed copying the words and definitions onto her iPod as she watched. She then had a study list for the week.


Accompanying each “chapter” of 20 words/episodes is a  worksheet, a crossword puzzle, and an online quiz. We found these perfect for practicing the words further. We also wrote a couple of words on our chalkboard each day and tried to incorporate them into our conversation.



We have really enjoyed Vocab Videos and plan to continue using them throughout our school year. Vocabulary practice is now something that Emily looks forward to! Even though she is not old enough to need to worry about studying specifically for the SAT yet, the vocabulary is still worthwhile learning and she’ll just have a head start when she gets to high school if she masters all 500 words!

Caution: The videos are geared for a secular, high school aged audience. Many of them are modeled after TV shows such as “Lost” or “The Office” and address topics such as dating. The characters also occasionally take the Lord’s name in vain. I watched each of the videos with Emily because of this. Other than the taking the Lord’s name in vain,  thus far, I haven’t personally found any of the plot or situations inappropriate for my 12 year old (and I am protective enough that she is not allowed to watch any of the actual TV shows that the skits are spoofing.)

I received the Small Educator Premium 12 month subscription ($74.99) which provides unlimited access for 12 months and includes:

  • Teacher Dashboard to monitor student progress
  • Up to 20 individual student accounts
  • Access to all videos and study materials
  • Digital Quizzes, Multi-media Flashcard Maker, Digital Worksheets

A   Vocab Videos individual student account starts at $24.99 for a 6 month  subscription.  Several clips are available online to help you decide if this is something that would be useful in your home.

Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received  free online access to Vocab Videos  in order to write this review. All opinions are my own. 


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