Friday, August 17, 2012

Full Disclosure (Dee Henderson) Review

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I have enjoyed many of Dee Henderson’s previous novels, so I was eager to have a chance to read an Advance Reading copy of her newest book, Full Disclosure. This mystery/romance book kept me in suspense until the very end.

The plot involves a homicide investigator and a special agent who are attempting to solve a serial murder. Meanwhile, the special agent, Paul Falcon is pursuing a relationship with the reluctant-to-commit investigator, Ann Silver. What sets this book apart from many others is that the mysteries are in the past and, after years of silence, the serial murderer begins to give hints about the long-unsolved series of crimes. It wasn’t a high-action book, but the mystery kept me trying to figure out the solution throughout the book. I was quite surprised by the ending! The author also put some interesting twists in the storyline, including having a character,  Ann Silver, as the author of a series of books that Dee Henderson actually wrote. The characters of these previous stories also showed up in this one.  Overall, a lot of creativity was evident in this novel.

My one complaint about the book is that I found Ann Silver too uninterested in and unresponsive to Paul, making me wonder just why she was such a “good match” for him. I had a hard time loving her as a main character.  Still, it was a very enjoyable book that I would recommend to anyone who likes Christian fiction or mysteries.

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I received this ARC copy from Tyndale House.  All opinions are my own.

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