Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our Homeschool “Classroom”


For years, we didn’t have a specific homeschool “classroom.” The kids generally did their seat work at the kitchen table. I have a cabinet and hutch that held their schoolwork, so everything was close at hand. Sometimes, the kids would choose to work on the couch or lying on their beds, especially as they got older. We did (and still do) a lot of reading aloud, so that took place on the couch. We kept books and supplies that we didn’t use daily on other shelves in our family room and study.

I now only have one child still at home, so things have changed a bit. We have a nice study with a large desk and lots of bookshelves. It used to do double duty as a playroom, but there  wasn’t room for a table or desks for the kids to work at. Now that I am down to just one child, however, our study has become the primary schoolroom. Emily uses a small desk/play table to work at. Meanwhile, I can be on my computer or doing other work at my desk and be nearby if she needs help. The small table is really getting rather small for her, but she still likes to work there. I still have some school supplies and books scattered throughout the house, but am working on moving everything to the study and organizing it a little better.

Our bookshelves…

P1010745The cabinet where we keep our currently used curriculum.


Emily’s desk with her workboxes behind her.


I recently took some video of our “school room” to be featured in the November issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, so if you’re a reader, keep a look out for it and for the monthly features on other homeschooling families’ homes. (If you are not a reader, you should be, because it’s free now!)



  1. Thanks for sharing your learning area. I absolutely LOVE your daughter's desk. :-)

  2. I covet all those book shelves. LOL

    Can't wait to see your video tour. You can see mine in the last May issue.

  3. Love your library!!! It looks wonderful. Have a great year!

  4. What a wonderful room. LOVE all the books.
    Blessings, Dawn

  5. Oooh, I love the bookshelves! Looks like you have a nice area for learning and working together.

  6. LOVE the books and bookshelves!

  7. Oh I love the bookshelves! I keep hoping we can make some built-ins for ourselves.


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