Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Worship Guitar

Emily has been wanting to learn to play the guitar for a while now, so we were both excited to have the opportunity to try out the Worship Guitar Class program.

Emily started the program borrowing Katie’s full sized guitar. That was a bit awkward. Then Grandma Lallie and Grandpa Bill gave her an electric guitar for Christmas! Uh thank-you…. Well, it is the right size. And maybe she won’t make toooo much noise with it…


“Worship Guitar Class is a Christian Guitar Instructional series to teach you how to play the guitar ‘effortlessly.’” The lessons include video content  (either DVD or streaming video) of  the instructor, Jean Welles, teaching the lessons and downloadable books and music.

The program we tried was the Kid’s Worship  Guitar Lessons ($29.97), which is geared for 5 to 9 year olds.

With Kid's Worship Guitar
Lessons Your Child Will Learn:

♦ How to hold down a note to get a clear tone on the guitar.
♦Worship songs with the melody plucked to strengthen their hands.
♦ Half a dozen worship songs they can sing & play..
♦ 11 guitar chords .
♦ How to read guitar tab and chords charts.
♦ How to make up their own verses.
♦ Christian Values in each song

The Kid’s Worship Guitar Class includes:

♦ A DVD with 9 Lessons, 2 1/2 hours long. image
♦ A downloadable eBook - over 30 pages!
♦ A Practice Session for every lesson that starts with prayer.
♦ A Practice Chart you can photocopy. 
♦ NEW - Option for online Streaming Videos

I found the videos engaging and easy to use.  Since the first chords taught are one-finger chords, it does make it easy for children to use. (Even the one finger chords were a challenge at first for Emily—remembering which finger, which fret and which string and learning to curve her hand to avoid touching the other strings!) I had to frequently stop and rewind the video for Emily to keep up. We found it difficult to both watch the video and follow along with the printed music. What  worked best for us was to look over the printed lesson first, then to follow along with the video. Then we would use the book again for the daily practice sessions. I would say that Emily, at 9, finds it fairly challenging, so I’m glad that we got the kids’ version to review.

Each weekly lesson includes the video and instructions on which skills to practice that week. Also included for each week is a practice video so that practicing can be done with or without video assistance. We enjoyed doing it both ways.

I think that Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class for Kids is well done and that the videos make learning guitar easy and fun. I liked the extra video practice sessions and thought that the book explained things well. If your child is interested in learning to play the guitar, you can watch a sample of the video content and download some sample book pages at their website to help you determine if this is a fit for your family.

I received access to the streaming videos and the downloadable e-book  in return for my honest review. For more reviews of this product and of the Jean Welles Guitar for adults, visit the Homeschool Crew page!

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