Saturday, January 16, 2010

Presidential Penmanship

image I received a copy of Presidential Penmanship DN from Zeezok Publishing to review. This program consists of a cd containing handwriting exercises for first through twelfth grades. What makes this program unique is that all of the writing exercises are presidential quotes, speeches, and other historical documents. The child is thus exposed to historical and patriotic documents while he or she is practicing handwriting skills. Although most older students do not use a dedicated handwriting curriculum, I can see the advantage of doing this type of copywork, even at the middle or high school level. After Emily copies her quote for the day, we spend a few minutes discussing its significance or meaning. Since we are studying American history this year, it complements our curriculum well.

The DN version of Presidential Penmanship is similar to D’Nealian handwriting style. Numerous other handwriting styles are also available.

The complete Presidential Penmanship program sells for $39.99—an excellent value for 12 years of handwriting curriculum.

 I received this item free  in exchange for my honest review.


  1. My older students need handwriting help. This sounds as if it might be helpful without being too juvenile.

  2. We are finding even the fourth grade level quotes thought and discussion provoking, so I can see this being very good for older students.


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