Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We decided to go bowling last Saturday before school started back and Allison went back to college. As Katie would say, a “fun family bonding time.” Now, we are not bowlers—we go bowling maybe once a year at most. The idea was sparked by a “free bowling” coupon that arrived in the mail. It wasn’t quite so free, since shoe rental wasn’t included--$4.25 a pair. I think I remember when shoes were $.50!  The fine print on the coupon did assure me that the “shoes were worth it!” OK…






The excursion reminded us that we are really bad bowlers (although we did enjoy ourselves). Katie earned the high score of 103 points Woo hoo! I won’t mention anyone else’s score! We brought one of Emily’s friends along as well who had a very interesting ball release technique that DSC07815involved skidding on her knees—very entertaining, to say the least.  





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