Friday, January 15, 2010

Molly Gets Organized

image Organization—one of my favorite subjects! Honestly! I enjoy finding better ways to organize my stuff and my time. I find great satisfaction in cleaning and organizing a closet or cupboard. Even (or especially) if my life is in chaos, I relish the feeling of completion and control I get when a job is completed and order is restored in some area. However, I don’t claim to keep up with things as well as I should! So I was happy to have the opportunity to review Molly’s latest book, “Molly Gets Organized—All in One Place.”

This e-book is a compilation of the articles on organization from the 2009 Molly’s Digest magazine, so if you already have those, you don’t need this e-book as well. But if you are new to Molly’s Digest, you will find some great ideas here!

Molly covers a variety of topics in this volume, from “how to clean out a closet” to setting up a home inventory binder to making inexpensive and environmentally friendly cleaners for every part of your home.

There’s a good article on cleaning your garage. Aack! I don’t think I want to touch that one! Someday….

Did you know that you can store all of your recipes (or other paper clutter) online at Google Documents and other sites to cut down on that cookbook clutter? I didn’t.

I loved the idea and photos of a dresser-turned-kitchen beverage station. I wish I had the space to implement this in my kitchen! One of my favorite features is the photographs of many of these ideas that are actually in use by Molly and her readers—bathroom re-do’s, re-purposing of old furniture, storage ideas and more. And as always, Molly’s ideas are easy on the budget!

Molly Gets Organized is available at the Schoolhouse Store for 7.95.

I received a free review copy of Molly Gets Organized.

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