Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bertie’s War (Kregel Publications)

image  Bertie’s War, by Barbara Blakely, is a story told by a twelve-year old who is growing up in the early sixties. Bertie is struggling to understand herself and her world in the context of an unaffectionate father and the Cuban Missile Crisis, both of which create irrational and even debilitating fears in her.

I  appreciated the time period in which this story was set and thought it was an excellent introduction to  an era that is seldom addressed in historical fiction.  The novel was very well written, giving a  realistic window into the mind of the main character. It is a Christian novel, and although Christian principles are woven throughout the book, and it ends with a faith-filled message, it is not at all preachy. The book does have a fairly heavy feel as it deals with Bertie’s fears and feelings of isolation, so I wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers. It would be an excellent read for a child or 11 or 12 or older.

Bertie’s War can be purchased at Kregel Publications for 7.99.

I received a free copy of this book in return for my honest review.  To read more reviews, please visit the TOS Homeschool Crew site!

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