Saturday, October 31, 2015

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

After organizing my bathrooms, I moved on to the kitchen. I really didn’t do much, here, just added some wire shelving to my pots and pans cabinets and under the sink. It made a big difference in the neatness and organization, though!

This is “before.”  Believe it or not, everything had a place, but the need to stack it all up to make it fit made it look so messy! First, I added the rack for cookie sheets and larger pans…



I found some double shelves to put at the back of the cabinet under the existing half-shelf. This was perfect for neatly storing casserole dishes and lids.






Here is the “after” picture:


I put a couple more shelves (long expanding single shelves) in my pot cupboard to keep the pots, pans and lids neat. This practically doubled my storage space.


My options were limited for under the sink. I would have loved to use one of the nicer under-sink organizers that I put in my bathrooms, but the garbage disposal and the configuration of the plumbing wouldn’t allow it. I found this Cabinet Basket Organizer at Amazon that was perfect for corralling extra sponges, scrubbing pads and brushes, and small bottles, and I was able to put larger bottles on top.


Next challenge—the pantry!

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