Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Koru Naturals Again! (Schoohouse Review)


Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to try and to review two Koru Naturals products: Emu Oil and Lanolin Cream. I loved both and am still using them. The Emu Oil is especially wonderful—the best facial moisturizer I’ve ever used! This month, I tried out three more products by Koru Naturals:

Skin Clear Cream
Manuka Honey Propolis Soap
Emu Oil Shampoo and Emu Oil Leave-in Conditioner

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Manuka Honey Propolis Soap comes in such cute beehive themed packaging! It’s a nice big bar of soap and smells absolutely wonderful. I just love beauty products that smell good and it makes me happy to use this soap every time I get a whiff! The soap is leaving my skin feeling soft and moisturized and works well for shaving my legs. I wasn’t sure what propolis was until I researched it. Propolis is a sticky resin produced by bees from the tree sap that they collect. It is thought to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Skin Clear Cream contains Manuka Honey and East Cape Manuka Oil. Other ingredients include Kawakawa and Harakeke, Burdock Root, Thyme, and Canadian Aspen bark, chosen for their astringent, anti-inflammatory, and preservative qualities. This lotion is especially designed for clearing up acne, but is also a high quality moisturizing cream. It also has a wonderful, citrusy smell.

I was a little nervous about using this lotion, since I don’t have acne, and my skin tends toward the dry side. I thought it might be drying. However, I have found it to be very moisturizing and have used it in place of my usual lotion.

Emily has been the primary user of the Skin Clear Cream. She has oily skin and mild acne, but the Skin Clear Cream cleared up those tiny bumps immediately. She absolutely loves the cream! Actually, she loved it for the fragrance even before she tried it! I tend to think that acne needs a product to dry the skin rather than a moisturizing cream, but this has proven me wrong. It’s a really nice product, and I love that it’s natural and doesn’t contain the harsh substances found in many acne medications.

Emu Oil Shampoo and Emu Oil Leave-in Conditioner

The Emu Oil Shampoo is a little different from commercial shampoos. Because it doesn’t have all those bad-for-you ingredients, it doesn’t lather up a lot, so that took a little getting used to. It left my hair feeling “squeaky clean.” I’m not sure why, but my hair felt cleaner, somehow, with this shampoo, and less weighed down and looking thicker.

I love the idea of the conditioner. It makes sense to spray on conditioner and leave it rather than rinsing it out. It was hard to know how much to use, though, and I’m still experimenting with that. Too little conditioner, and my hair didn’t feel conditioned and soft. I was afraid to use too much, though, and end up with oily-looking hair. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to control the frizzies as well as my regular conditioner. On bad hair days, I was able to give my hair a few touch-up spritzes with the Emu Oil Leave-In Conditioner during the day, and that did help to tame the frizziness, so that’s a definite advantage to the spray-on version.

I’ve been impressed with Koru Naturals products and hope to try more of them soon. (I definitely will be ordering more of my beloved emu oil in the near future!) Other members of the Crew tried some different Koru Naturals products, so be sure to read what they have to say!

Koru Naturals Review

I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.

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