Saturday, October 24, 2015

Organizing my bathrooms!

I’ve been on a bit of an organizing kick lately. My cabinets, throughout the house, are a mess. A big part of that has been that I just have too much stuff! However, I went on a search to find some tools to help me organize and corral all that “stuff.”  (I did throw away or move some of it during the process.)

I’m rather embarrassed to show this “before” picture. What a mess. This is Emily’s bathroom and she is supposed to keep it clean, but you can see that doesn’t happen! We had too much in here and weren’t utilizing some of the vertical space.


I found this great under sink organizer at The Container Store ($29).  Now, everything has a place!


I loved it so much that I bought one for our downstairs powder room too.


My master bathroom has two tall narrow cabinets on each side of the sinks. Again, I have a lot stored in here. It’s a nice storage area that partially makes up for the fact that I have 2 pedestal sinks and no counter space. However, there was vertical space that I wasn’t using.P1050412















Since the cabinets are less than 11 inches wide, it was hard to find any shelves that would fit. Again at The Container Store, I was able to find a 10” square shelf that was perfect. I also found some nice stacking organizer trays that were ideal for corralling toothpaste, make-up, soap, and band-aids. (I do a lot of couponing and sale shopping, so I often have large supplies of some items).

I love how neat everything looks now and how much extra space I have with the addition of a few shelves and stacking bins!


I was surprised to find that The Container Store had the best prices on most of the cabinet organizing shelves and bins that I bought, compared to Target and Amazon, as well as a bigger selection. Some of their products are very pricey, but there were bargains there, too.

Coming soon…kitchen cabinets!

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