Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our Curriculum Choices for 2013-14

This is our curriculum plan for 8th grade:
  • No Nonsense Algebra (We started this last year and will be continuing with it.)
  • Life of Fred Algebra (Yes, we have two algebra programs, but the formats are very different, and I think they will reinforce each other. And Emily loves Life of Fred!)
Language Arts:
  • Excellence in Literature and Lightening Literature, American  (We’ll be alternating units from both of these.) Jane Eyre is our first literature study—one of my favorite books ever!
  • Art of Poetry
  • Student Writing Intensive B
  • Word Roots B
  • Apologia Physical Science
  • Supercharged Science (for extra experiments)
  • Romans, Reformers and Revolutionaries and World Missions, World Empires, and World Wars (Diana Waring) with lots of extra books, videos, etc. We’re studying the Renaissance now and will get as far as we can (maybe early 20th century?)
  • Geography: Middle East, North Africa, Europe (Memoria Press)
  • Bible Study For All Ages (We’re currently starting and reviewing the first 26 lessons of this program. I may purchase the rest of the program or we may resume The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study Bible Survey that we’ve been using the past two years.
  • We’re about to start a 7 week Crew review of Homeschool Spanish Academy.
  • Spanish for Children (Classical Academic Press) I just bought the Primer A workbook for this and plan to work through it quickly because it has a great focus on grammar. Emily has a lot of vocabulary, but hasn’t seriously studied Spanish grammar and verb conjugation. I’m hoping to work through Primer A in the fall and purchase Primer B with the DVDs for second semester.
  • Spanish for You! Estaciones We started this in the spring and will finish up this program as well.
We’ll also be supplementing with various Schoolhouse Crew review products. Looks like a full year!

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