Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Emily’s New Desk

Until now, Emily has been using a child sized desk for her schoolwork. (Well, officially—she often actually works at the kitchen table or even on the floor!). Now that she’s approaching 5 feet tall, her old desk is getting a big small. Plus, she’s complained that the hard bench is uncomfortable.


We have a built-in corner desk in our study that has never really been used much. It’s served as storage and a plug-in/ charging station for phones, pencil sharpener, postal scale, and so on. Just a general catch-all area. So I spent last week fixing up this area to be Emily’s new school desk.

I added a white board and a larger bulletin board and painted them to match the room. Since the desk area is small, I cleared most of the “stuff” off, just leaving a pencil cup and organizer for flashcards and such. The drawer holds paper, glue sticks, tape, etc.

The shelf above the desk now holds a box of craft supplies and is home to the pencil sharpener, phone, and chargers. Her books will be stored in our former workbox drawers.

Although the change looks pretty minimal, this project sparked an organizing project that included MY desk drawers and craft and school supplies stored in the kitchen as well!

Before (with some of the clutter removed!)




Desk and New “Subject Boxes”




  1. Where did you get that great "subject box" unit? That's exactly what I am looking for in our homeschool area.

    I love your set up. It just makes me want to curl up and grab one of those many, many books off of the shelf to read.

    1. Thank you! Yes, we do have LOTS of books! I've had the rolling cart for several years, but I think it came from Costco.


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