Monday, July 15, 2013

25 Truths (Schoolhouse Review)

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25 Truths: Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us ($12.50), by Ed Douglas Publications is a short inspirational book that is especially appropriate for teens and young adults. Older elementary aged children would enjoy it too. Each chapter focuses on one “truth.” Some of these truths are:

  • Be slow to judge.
  • Be quick to apologize.
  • See the glass as half full.
  • Never surrender.
  • Utilize compound interest.
  • Commit to love one person forever.

Each 3-4 page chapter opens with one or  more quotes about the topic from the Bible, a work of literature, or a famous person. Then, Ed Douglas discusses the importance of the principal, giving plenty of real-life examples. The chapter closes with a short summary of the principal and several discussion questions.

I will admit, I thought this would be a pleasant read, with a bit of good advice. I found it to be much more than that! Emily and I have been reading one chapter aloud each night before bed. Many of the chapters are exactly what she has needed to hear, addressing character issues that are particular issues right now. (I won’t embarrass her by telling which ones!)  She has even commented that the author seems to “know what she has been doing that day!”  Other chapters (like the one extolling the praises of compound interest) are less interesting to her, but still provide valuable information that I might not have thought to teach her.  She told me that this chapter was “boring” when we read it over a week ago, but just this morning, she told me that she wanted to invest some of her money so it would grow! SmileSo, she is actually thinking about our discussions!

Some of the examples were interesting to Emily; some were less so. Douglas does talk quite a bit about his experience in the business world, especially about his job as a banker. These are quite relevant for an adult, but not quite so much for a 13 year old! Some chapters do speak of his experience as a youth or college student and Emily found these more interesting.

I love the concise chapter titles and short summaries that are perfect for review, since each night, we review some of the previous principals. Emily likes to see how many she can remember and name without looking.

One thing I have done with the book is to look for additional Bible verses that support many of the themes and to write them in the book to read or discuss when we read that particular chapter. I’ve appreciated all of the quotes, but have been able to make the book more of a “devotional time” with the addition of more scripture.

I highly recommend this book for family discussions or devotions!


I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.

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