Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Organizing Books for the New Year

A couple of weeks ago, I emptied my curriculum shelves to assess what we had. Here is most of what I have for Emily for next year…certainly far more than I need!  And this isn’t even counting our bookshelf full of history books! I’ve been blessed with a lot of this through the Schoolhouse Crew.  Some are books that I used with my older children. Plus, there are a few things I’ve purchased more recently.

So much great stuff to use and so little time!

I pulled out the items that we realistically weren’t going to get to this year and organized everything else.  This shelf holds books that we’ll be using soon.


This cabinet holds books that I plan to use this year, but probably not in the next couple of months.


We’ve been using workboxes for a few years, but Emily has decided that she would rather just get her assignments from my daily lesson plans and check them off as she does them. So I repurposed the workboxes. I made labels for different subject areas and we will now have a drawer to hold the books and materials for each subject. I’m hoping this will eliminate some of the “I can’t find my math book” crises if we can manage to keep each item in its “home”!


Next project—organizing the desk area!


  1. I just organized our stuff too! Doesn't it make you fee good! :)

  2. Absolutely. I love organizing! :)


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