Wednesday, December 14, 2011

World’s Greatest Stories (TOS Review)


Emily loves audio books and radio dramas. We have quite a large collection that are listened to frequently. When I saw the opportunity to review The World’s Greatest Stories, I knew it would be a hit—but I didn’t realize how much so!

World’s Greatest Stories are a bit different from most children’s Bible stories because they are actually word-for-word Bible passages. So the listener is actually hearing the Word of God—nothing left out, nothing added. The way the stories are narrated is absolutely amazing. The characters all have different voices and the stories are accompanied by sound effects. The effect is more of a radio drama than a book-on-tape. The storyteller, George W. Sarris, is an accomplished actor, narrator, and spokesman. He is also the narrator for the 2011 revision of The Holy Bible, New International Version by Zondervan Publishing House.

We received Volume One-The Prophets, which includes:

  • The Blazing Furnace-Daniel 3
  • The Handwriting on the Wall – Daniel 5
  • Daniel in the Lion’s Den- Daniel 6
  • Elijah and the Prophets of Baal-Kings 17-18
  • The Prophecy of Jonah

From the moment I popped this cd into our car stereo, it was a hit. Every time we go anywhere in the car, Emily asks, “Mom, can we listen to Bible Stories?” There’s not much better praise than that!

There are 6 Volumes of The World’s Greatest Stories, each selling for $7.95 and appropriate for any age listener.

5/5 Stars!


To read more reviews of this and other of The World’s Greatest Stories recordings, please visit the Crew Blog.

As a member of the TOS Crew, I received a free volume of The World’s Greatest Stories in order to write this review.


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