Saturday, December 17, 2011

Space Camp! (Kind of)


A couple weeks ago, I got an email that invited homeschoolers to be part of testing a new “mission” for Space Camp at the nearby U.S. Space and Rocket Center. We jumped at the opportunity and signed up. Emily spent 3 hours doing the “mission.” I wish I had brought a camera to get a picture of her wearing the jumpsuit when I picked her up. Oh, well…

Here is Emily’s account of the day.

Today was the most fun space day of all time! I went to the Space and Rocket Center today for free! First we got assigned parts and then went to practice all of them. I left at 7:15am in the morning and stayed until 11:30pm. After we practiced what to say and do we went into a cool room with all of these cool controllers and headgear. We had a snack break and then did the real thing. We went up into a room that held space suits and smelled like sauerkraut, then we got them on and our group went to our assigned room. Then we said our lines and told the people in the space shuttle what to do. After about thirty minutes we went to the space shuttle and fixed some problems there. The problems we had to fix were a broken window, the engine, and the fuel accelerator. We used these cool looking head phones to talk and tell people how to fix different problems. We used a piece of glass for the broken window and water for the fuel, we also used different wires for the broken engine and got it fixed (luckily).

I really enjoyed this trip and hope to go explore space again soon.

To infinity and beyond! - Buzz light year


  1. What fun! I'm stopping by to say hi from Molly's Home Team.

  2. How cool! My husband would want to join our kids if they ever had an opportunity like that.

    Merry Christmas!


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