Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Hydraulic Arm Project

A few weeks ago, Emily put together a hydraulic arm kit made by Teacher Geek. This contraption uses water pressure to control the movement of the arm in 4 different ways.

Our hydraulic arm kit arrived as a box full of parts along with a reamer, cutter tool, and building instructions.  It took us about a week to build our hydraulic arm. We found the directions clear and easy to follow although we were a little frustrated that the dowels had to be shaved down a bit in order to fit. Emily hasn’t spent a lot of time with Legos or other construction toys or models, but she did pretty well with this. Here are some photos of the process…









We used Teacher Geek’s “Fluid Mechanics Lab,” which we found online at the site as a supplement so that Emily would better understand the physics behind the project. Although some of the material was rather advanced for her, this well-written lab helped deepen her understanding of the principles behind her “contraption.”

We had a lot of fun with this kit. I think more “building” projects will be in Emily’s future!

Although I received this kit free from Teacher Geek, I was not required to write a review.

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