Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we attended our traditional candlelight service, where the young adults, including Allison and Katie, read scripture and served as candle-lighters. We visited briefly at a reception in the fellowship hall, then returned home to  read some of Bartholomew’s Passage, the book we have been reading nightly during Advent this year. We usually have extended family over for snacks and visiting on Christmas Eve, but everyone else is on a Christmas cruise this year!










On Christmas day, Emily was up first (of course!). She waited anxiously upstairs for an hour or more before everyone else was ready and she was allowed to come down. We ate  eggs and pumpkin bread for breakfast while we waited for John Michael to show up. The older kids laughed about how I used to be the last one up on Christmas morning. Now, I wait for them to drag themselves out of bed!


Santa opening his sack….No, that’s John Michael who delivered his gifts in a pillowcase instead of wrapping them!


Katie’s favorite gift. OK…she’s a little strange!



We spent the afternoon playing games. Emily’s tabletop ping pong set was a big hit! We also enjoyed Bananagrams and Electronic Banking Monopoly.



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  1. Great photos!! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas :)


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