Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday’s Fave Five


1. I am loving the beautiful spring weather—The sun is shining, highs in the 70’s, everything is turning green!

2. My friend Becky is between homes right now and has moved in with us for a month. I’m looking forward to spending lots of time with her before she leaves town. With dh living in Korea, I feel starved for adult company at times!

3. I just arrived in Mobile to spend several days with my oldest daughter, who is in med. school here. I haven’t seen her since Christmas, since the 6-hour drive is too much for a weekend.  Emily is spending a few days at the beach with her grandparents and one of her cousins, so I am child-free!

4. I am thankful for God’s provision in the midst of tough times!

5. School went well this week-no melt-downs,  a good attitude and lots of enthusiasm from Emily.


  1. Glad you have your friend Becky visiting with you - it's tough when husbands are away. Also thanking God with you for provision - He's faithful.

    Hope you have more beautiful spring weather and a very happy weekend!


  2. That's wonderful that you can spend special time with a friend. Hope you make lots of memories.

    Also, it's great that you get to visit your daughter. It's been a long time since Christmas for a mom not to see her daughter! I dread the day when one of mine moves away although I know most of us have to face that ...

  3. Hope you're enjoying time with your daughter. And it's nice to have a friend staying with you. I'm sure you're a blessing to her, too.

    I was so interested in your review of the book below! We'll have to talk. (I have a book coming out about mothering sons.)

    Happy weekend!

  4. How nice to have a friend living with you. It sounds like its helpful to both of you.

    Happy Friday

  5. God's provision in tough times is definitely something I'm thankful for right now too. Sounds like your friend being there for you is a wonderful blessing!

    A week with no school related meltdowns is the best! :v)

  6. A school week with no melt-downs is always a blessing!

    How nice that you can help your friend out with a place to stay - for both of you!

    Hope you are having a good time with your daughter.....4 months is too long to not see your girl - I know, I've been there...and will be there again, unfortunately.

  7. Enjoy your time with your daughter! It's so very special! Our closest kids are four or five hours away from us, but that is better than the 2,400 miles that separates us from our only grandson!

    Remembering the homeschooling years, I can rejoice with you that schooling went well this week!

    Have a happy week ahead!


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