Saturday, April 10, 2010


There was a discussion recently on the The Old Schoolhouse Crew message board about the declining quality of clothespins. My major use of clothespins is for crafts and closing chip bags, so this hasn’t been much of an issue for me. I have a bag of clothespins that I bought (cheap!) over twenty years ago at a liquidators type store that have served me well and seemed to be of good quality. Today, I pulled two clothespins out of my kitchen drawer and was shocked by the difference. One clothespin was one of my  originals. The other was one that Emily brought home from church as part of a craft. The clothespin on the left feels as flimsy as it looks. Chinese-made, I am sure….


I am actually thinking about putting up a clothesline and hanging some of our clothes to save on energy costs this summer. Especially since I own some hard-to-find quality clothespins!

If you hang your clothes out, or would like to, check out this great giveaway for a Lehman’s Clothesline Pulley System at the Legacy of Home blog!

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