Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beeyoutiful – Berry Well

We just had the opportunity to try out “Berry Well” from image

This is Beeyoutiful’s description of Berry Well:

Never fear the flu when you keep Berry Well on hand. Each ingredient in this pleasantly fruity syrup holds its own against flu, colds, and a swarm of bacterial and viral infections. Berry Well is a practically miraculous combination of the following:

  • Luscious, organic purple elderberries (first used long ago by Native Americans) that provide anthocyanins. The anti-viral powers of these immune system enhancers attack many strains of influenza A and B—without the side effects or complications of a flu shot.
  • Raw honey sweetens the mixture with more than just good taste. It delivers a rich supply of live enzymes required to help body systems fight colds and respiratory infections of all kinds.
  • Bee propolis and Organic Echinacea root extract—both considered powerful, natural antibiotics.
  • Raw apple cider vinegar, a folk remedy celebrated for its use against a long list of ailments, increases your body’s alkalinity. (Although today’s diets tend to make us more acidic, an alkaline body is safer from cancer and other diseases.) And the potassium in raw vinegar helps cells fight bacteria and viruses.

The Beeyoutiful Website dosage instruction say to “take regularly or start taking at the first sign of illness.”  Emily was a bit sniffly when our bottle arrived, so I had her take one dose a day for a few days. Since I think she was actually at the tail end of a mild cold, I’m not sure that it cleared the cold up, but it was gone in a couple days. We plan to take it when we feel sick or have been exposed to illness. Although I love the idea of taking it all the time to boost our immune systems, it is a bit expensive to take every day.

I tasted the Berry Well.  To me, the flavor was tolerable. I could definitely taste the berries (very good), the honey( also good) and the apple cider vinegar (not so good). It was sweet with a bit of bite to it. I also mixed a spoonful in a glass of water and liked it a bit better that way. I definitely wouldn’t mind taking this when sick. Emily, on the other hand, loved the flavor and has begged to have some every day. She usually hates liquid medicine like cough syrup, so this is certainly a positive statement about the product. If your kids won’t take it, it won’t help them!

 Berry Well sells for $18 for an 8 oz  bottle. also sells many other very interesting natural products, including vitamins, soaps, tension tamer oils, hair shine products, and facial toners. Please visit the TOS Crew Blog site to read reviews of some of these other products.

I received a free bottle of Berry Well in order to write this review. 

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