Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Studypod book holder


DSC07476 As a member of the TOS Crew, I received a Studypod to try out. This is a cool gadget that props a book upright and holds it open.  When not in use, it folds like a book for easy storage. The Studypod was designed to help students stay more organized and to make make studying more comfortable. When a textbook is propped in an almost upright position, the reader doesn’t have to hunch over to read, improving posture and efficiency and reducing neck and eye strain, making reading, writing, and typing easier.  The inside of the Studypod has a pocket that would be useful for carrying a pencil, calculator, or note cards.  Clips hold the pages in place. I keep thinking of additional ways to use the studypod around the house. Here are some of the ways we have used it….


We found it to be useful for propping up cookbooks and recipes in the kitchen. It  allowed a bit more counter space and kept the recipes from getting dripped on.

I used it one morning to read a magazine while I straightened my hair.DSC07480

I was also able to prop it up on the handlebars of my exercise bike.

This would also make a great portable music stand.

It is also useful for holding a book when I am at the computer and need to be looking back and forth between the book and screen.


I think having her book propped upright helped improve Emily’s focus on her work. She does seem to be less distractible and to work more efficiently when she is using it.

Katie (17) tried the Studypod briefly and didn’t care for it. She is a creature of habit and likes to do things the same way, though. She did say that she thought it sped up her work, but that working faster made her messier, so she preferred to work more slowly.  Hmmm.

The Studypod comes in black, blue, or pink. The same product is also sold in black, brown, or gray from the same company under the name Bookpod. The Studypod/Bookpod sells for $19.95. If you purchase two or more, they are $16.95 each. Also,  Genio is currently offering a $5 discount on any order to TOS Crew blog readers. The discount code is: TOSBLOG5.

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