Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Journey Through Learning Lapbooks



Emily just completed A Journey Through Learning’s Reptile Lapbook kit ($13). We found this to be just the right balance of learning and fun. The instructions were clear and the projects were easy enough for Emily to complete with minimal help. The lapbook kits each include a study guide as well as corresponding mini-booklets, which allow the child to demonstrate what he has learned. The child cuts out the mini-booklet parts, answers the questions or explains the topic, then assembles the booklet and attaches it to a file folder. I loved having the study guide  included. We supplemented the Reptiles book with additional study materials about reptiles to flesh it out and to make it more substantial, but it is not at all necessary to do so.

Reading the directions….


Cut, assemble, and paste…


The finished product!


 image Emily is just beginning to work on the Autumn Lapbook. We will continue to work on this one off and on throughout the fall. The format is similar to the Reptiles book and some of the topics include: fall recipes, the first Thanksgiving,  the fall equinox, why leaves change color, and an autumn scavenger hunt.

Note about the recommended age levels: The suggested age levels are for second through seventh grades. I think the lapbooks we did were perfect for third to fourth grades. A second grader would enjoy them, but might need more adult assistance. In my opinion, the materials seemed too easy for a sixth to seventh grader.


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