Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fearless—Imagine Your Life Without Fear, by Max Lucado


“Can you imagine your life without fear?”

We live in tough times right now and most of us have one or more burdens that weigh us down and cause us to live in fear—financial problems, conflict with others, divorce and illness. We fear for the safety of our children, fear that our lives don’t matter, and so on. Max Lucado addresses many of these issues in Fearless. Fearless tackles the reader’s fears, issue by issue, encouraging us to step out in faith, trusting that God is both stronger than our troubles and faithful to bring us through them.

Max Lucado’s writing style is down to earth, practical, and full of  personal illustrations, real-life stories, and good advice. He acknowledges that trusting in God won’t make all of our problems go away, but he does assert that making the choice to trust rather than to dwell on our worries will lead us to lives that are joy-filled despite our circumstances. I found this scripturally-based book  both challenging and thought-provoking.

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