Monday, September 21, 2009

Nature Friend Magazine


The first thing I need to say about Nature Friend Magazine is that I didn’t get to look at it for the first week! The day our first sample copy arrived in the mail, Emily claimed it and disappeared with it! She loves mail and she loves animals, so this product was sure to be a hit!

We were treated to two issues of Nature’s Friend with the study guide. (Nature’s Friend magazine is published in two formats—imagewith and without the study guide ($36 to $60 per year). The study guide is an insert bound into the center of the magazine and contains quizzes, crossword puzzles, writing instruction, and a really cool section with photography tips and pictures that are submitted by readers and critiqued by the Nature Friend editors.

Nature’s Friend Magazine began in 1983 with the goal of  encouraging children to “believe in God as their creator and to appreciate His handiwork.” The magazine avoids being confrontational, but rather aims to showcase God’s Word and His creation.

Nature Friend Magazine  includes beautiful photography,  fictional stories, articles about animals, a monthly art lesson (that uses different art mediums—colored pencils, chalk, acrylic paint, etc.), and hands-on projects or science experiments. We really loved this magazine and the study guide and highly recommend them either as an addition to your curriculum or “just for fun!”


  1. Hi Debbie, just pooping over to let you know that you won one of the Fiber One Yoplait goodie bags! If you can send me your address, I'll pass it along.


  2. Uh.. that should read- just POPPING over to let you know that you won one of the Fiber One Yoplait goodie bags!

    :-) that was quite the typo! Yikes!

  3. Hi, Debbie, this is Donna P. (from NAFS) Paul loved Nature Friend when he was about Emily's age.


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