Friday, June 13, 2014

Wrapping Up Our School Year

This year has been a rough one. Between ADHD, hormones, and attitudes, eighth grade was not a great year for Emily. The public schools finished in May here, but Emily is still finishing up her schoolwork. If all goes well, she’ll finally be finished in the next 2 weeks. Hurray! We are both ready for a vacation. And I am happy to report that her work and attitude is significantly better than it was a few months ago.

We had considered sending her to public school next year to begin high school, but I just don’t think she’s quite ready. Her focus and self-discipline are just not where I think they should be for success in a classroom. Also, she hasn’t quite finished her Algebra course, meaning she’d have to take Algebra again. She has decided that she wants to homeschool for high school anyway, so we’re going with that plan for now. We’ll consider her a 9th grader, but she’ll still have to finish up her 8th grade Algebra and Physical science classes from 8th grade—the two courses that didn’t get finished.

We have a few review items to work on over the summer, but plan to spend some time relaxing, swimming and planning for next year. Emily has a couple of youth group trips coming up as well, and she’s helping out with Vacation Bible School in a couple of weeks.  Since the review items (Grammar of Poetry, The Eternal Argument, and maybe Lightning Lit) will count as English, I’ve promised her that it will count as a month of her English next fall, so she doesn’t mind doing it now.

I’m glad that this year’s end is in sight and am looking forward to the new adventure of teaching high school!

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  1. I am feeling a little like you are. I am glad for a break, but we will be doing stuff...both scholastic and fun this summer.


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