Thursday, June 5, 2014

F is for Freedom

I was reading today’s chapter in my current devotional book, Extravagant Grace (Women of Faith) and found some great thoughts about freedom. Since Emily is at an age when she wants more and more “freedom” to make decisions for herself, yet often doesn’t have the maturity and good judgment to use freedom responsibly, this passage by Luci Swindoll resounded with me.

During the sixties, there was strong emphasis on expressing your freedom no matter what: let your hair grow, burn your bra and your draft card, sleep in the grass, make love not war, cry freedom—from parental rule, regimentation, traditions, the control of others. And yet, is this really freedom?

Well, this I know: Freedom is not taking the law into our own hands. It’s not putting someone else at risk. It’s not doing what we please simply because it feels “good” or “right.” If we want to truly enjoy freedom, we need to realize that our liberty was bought at an exorbitant price and carries with it an enormous responsibility. It’s based on grace, found in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And it’s expressed in service, not sanction. In giving, not getting. In liberty, not license. It’s not doing what we please; it’s pleasing God in what we do. That’s where real freedom lies.

I’m thinking about how our country was founded for freedom; yet our founding fathers understood that freedom came with an enormous cost—and were willing to pay it.

I’m thinking about how many people today want the freedom to have whatever they want—NOW—and rack up debt because they can’t pay for it now.

I’m thinking about being a good steward with the freedom I have in life—to use it wisely in ways that will bless, not hurt others.

And I’m thinking about ways to teach my child to wisely handle the freedom she has and the increasing freedom she will have as she grows older.


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  1. People throw the word freedom around without really understanding what it means. Great post!


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