Thursday, June 26, 2014

I is for Indians

In 2003, when Emily was only three years old, and Katie, John, and Allison were 11, 13, and 15, we took a big trip out west, from Alabama to Montana, and into Canada, visiting all sorts of interesting sites along the way. Surprisingly, Emily remembers quite a bit from that trip! It’s been fun to incorporate her 3-year-old memories into the history she is learning as a middle-schooler.

Here we visited the Manitou Cliff Dwellings in Colorado, where the kids had fun climbing up into the homes built into the cliffs.


Emily remembers being afraid to “dance with the Indians, so Katie had to go with her!”  (She’s the little bitty girl in the photo.)


In Canada, watched a Blackfeet parade.

Blackfeet Procession054

…and a Buffalo dance. There was a fascinating museum (the Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump!) here where we learned all about how buffalo were hunted long ago.

'Buffalo Dancer057

There’s nothing like hands-one learning and live demonstrations to bring learning to life!

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  1. Wow - your cliff dwelling pictures are really neat!

  2. Love these pictures! When I was a kid, we visited Mesa Verde, which is a lot like the cliff dwellings you showed - so that brought back memories. So did the Blackfeet pictures - I am from Calgary, Alberta. Never been to the museum at Head Smashed In though.


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