Friday, April 4, 2014

Review School


One of the necessities of my role as a Schoolhouse Review Crew member is that I be flexible in our schooling plans. Because I get to express an interest level in reviewing various products, most of the books and curricula that we review are ones that I think will be fun or useful in our home school. But I still have to find time in our already busy schedule to use each product for a month or more in order to fully try  it out.  Some products are just added to our schedule, while others displace our regular curriculum for the review period.

Right now, quite a lot of what Emily does each day consists of products we’re reviewing. This week, she is working on:

  • Philosophy Adventure (replacing some of our regular history)
  • Supercharged Science (replacing our regular science for now)
  • Artistic Pursuits (one of their brand new sculpture bookP1040131s)
  • Mango Languages (Spanish)
  • Victus Study Skills course




My Mango Languages review has already posted, and I look forward to sharing our experiences with the other products soon!

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