Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Making Paper

We have just started using the Artistic Pursuits book, Sculpture Technique: Construct for an upcoming review. The first project we did was making paper. It created a bit of chaos in our kitchen for almost a week as we made multiple batches of different colors of paper, but was fun.

First, we soaked torn paper in water.


Then we put the paper and water in the blender until it turned into mush (paper pulp).

P1040168 P1040202


Then we used a Grummer’s Dip Handmold to scoop pulp from the water, drain it, and press it dry. P1040205

We made an assortment of colors, which will soon be used in future sculpture products.




  1. I am so looking forward to doing the paper-making projects in that book!! We are working out of order and skipped to Unit 2 to start. ;-) Thanks for linking up to the Virtual Fridge!

  2. I saw this demonstrated one Christmas. Flower seeds were added to the final step, then shapes were cut out as ornaments which could be gifted then planted. I still want to try that.

    1. That's a fun idea! I once received a bookmark with seeds imbedded in it as a wedding favor. I'd never thought of trying to make them, though!


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