Monday, April 28, 2014

A is for Algebra


I’m currently teaching Algebra to my fourth child. I really like math, and I am a self-proclaimed curriculum addict. However, I surprised even myself when I realized how many algebra programs we own. It’s bordering on ridiculous.

Child #1 used Scott Foresman UCSMP Algebra. At the time, when I investigated curriculum, this was highly recommended. She did well with this program in 7th grade, then went on to geometry in public school for 8th grade.

Then, I discovered Singapore Primary Math and switched Child #2 and Child #3 to it in the 4th and 6th grades, and we continued with Singapore New Elementary Math for pre-algebra/algebra/geometry through middle schools. I love this curriculum, but thought it might be too intense for Emily, so I started looking at programs again for her. We did a review of No Nonsense Algebra and loved it, so that’s what we started to use, supplemented by Life of Fred. Then we did a review for Videotext Algebra and Emily liked it better, so we switched. After a few months, though, the math just wasn’t getting done (although she still claims it’s her favorite program), and we have now changed back to No Nonsense and Life of Fred. Unfortunately, we’ve lost a bit of ground with the switching (and lack of cooperation), but Emily may catch up by working through the summer.

What will I use for Geometry next year? Who knows?

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  1. Ah...algebra. Not my 'favorite' subject by any means :) We've used two of those programs. We use LoF (along with Khan, The Math Page and IXL when we get stuck).

  2. Oh, I forgot IXL--we use it, too!

  3. Math was never my strong point. I think I will be learning along with my son.

  4. I was an arts major for a reason...math was that reason! LOL We've been using Time 4 Learning for high school Geometry for DS1, and I'm considering the Algebra I for my second one. We just reviewed CTC math and really liked it, but it's not a full curriculum, so we're back on the hunt.


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