Friday, February 7, 2014

The Storm Inside (Review)

The Storm Inside: Trade the Chaos of How You Feel for the Truth of Who You Are  -     By: Sheila Walsh

Life is hard. When we become Christians, things don’t suddenly start going our way. Life is still hard. Sheila Walsh’s new book, The Storm Inside: Trade the Chaos of How You Feel for the Truth of Who You Are  addresses the different types of storms that women find themselves struggling with—unforgiveness, shame, regret, despair, rage, and more. None of us are immune. The storms in our lives may be externally triggered, but they rage inside us, immobilizing us, and keeping us from being who God has called us to be. To paraphrase the book, “If you are not currently in a storm, you have just come through one, or will be in one soon.”

I read this book slowly, savoring each word and phrase. I didn’t think I had a problem with unforgiveness, but the chapter on that topic called me to examine more deeply some of my relationships and the small resentments I may still be harboring against others. As I read, I wrestled with my disappointment with God when my prayers seem to go unanswered. I examined how my regrets over the past affect how I act now.

Through each topic, Sheila returns to the ultimate truth:

“We don’t know how long the night will be, but we do know this: no matter how things appear, God is at work—all night long! Only the morning light will reveal what God has done. Do not despair or give in to the chaos of what you feel. Stand strong on what you know is true…You are a daughter of the king of kings!”

I am a big fan of Sheila Walsh. I have read many of her books and heard her speak several times at Women of Faith conferences. When you hear what she has to say,  you know that she really understands the women she ministers to and that she really cares. Instead of just giving solutions and easy answers, she shares her heart and her own life lessons. Life can be hard and she doesn’t dismiss that, but she still directs our gaze to our heavenly Father and His love for us.

I am privileged to be part of the launch team for Sheila’s new book, The Storm Inside, and believe that this is her best book ever! Available for sale of February 11!

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I received a free ebook and t-shirt as part of  The Storm Inside launch team. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Debbie, what a cool giveaway. And don't we all need this reminder that Christ is there in the storm....and the storm will eventually pass??


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