Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Benefits of Using Common Core

In recent years, the majority of the United States has adopted the Common Core. You would have a hard time finding a teacher who doesn’t have an opinion on the topic. Many teachers argue that the Common Core requires teachers to teach to the test. This may be true; however, there are a lot of benefits to teaching the Common Core. With the new curriculum being released, the teacher-designed math courses that are given during Core trainings are a great resource for all teachers.

The rigor of the math curriculum between kindergarten and 12th grade has drastically increased. The change in curriculum is requiring teachers to change the way they teach. In some cases, it is making them change the way they learned the material to begin with. The courses are designed to retrain teachers in the new ways of learning math.

Oftentimes, teachers are expected to start back at the basics. The instructors take you back to the very beginnings. This is done to help teachers recognize the areas that students will have problems with. Some instructors even have the teachers work in a different number system, like base six, instead of in base ten, which most teachers are familiar with. Doing this requires teachers to rely on the math and not on the memorization and knowledge that they come to the lesson with.

In the beginning, many teachers will tell you that they do not enjoy these courses. They are frustrated. They feel like it is silly to relearn what they already know. However, these courses are not about relearning the information. These courses are designed to help teachers relearn how to teach the material. They help teachers recognize the issues that may come up while teaching their students math and other subjects.

Whether you agree with the United States education system’s adoption of Common Core or not, most teachers will agree that the teacher-designed math courses that are provided for the new math curriculum are very beneficial. Through this process, the teacher becomes the student. There is no better way to connect to your students than by doing this.

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